Born in Perth, raised in Adelaide and now living in Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory, Matthew.Gear is an Australian multi instrumentalist, record producer, songwriter and vocalist.

Developing an interest in music early in his childhood, Matthew inherited his parents’ taste for pop and rock n’ roll on long family car trips over the vast Australian landscape. In his teens, this taste broadened to golden era hip hop, drum & bass, trance and edm. As an adult, Matthew now credits psych rock, funk rock, jazz and blues as major influences.

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matthew.gear engineering at Yolŋu Radio. Image courtesy of Aris & Grimes.

Teaching himself guitar and music theory via YouTube and Reddit at age 19 so he could jam with his friends, at 24 years old, Gear began his career in Adelaide’s alternative rock n roll scene. He was a founding member and songwriter of psychedelic funk rock group Flower Punch who achieved local success headlining numerous shows as well as placing in Triple J’s Top 100 with their debut single “Afterglow” before disbanding in 2015.

The next 2 years saw Matthew embark on a solo career as a songwriter and producer. Recording collaboratively on hip hop, house and edm tracks, whilst honing his music production skills in a variety of South Australian studios.

Traveling to Los Angeles for the VocalizeU song writing camp in 2019, Gear performed live to titans of the music industry. It was a major event in the young artist’s life. After networking with leading pop songwriters and world class performers, Matthew gained the confidence and knowledge needed to make his career professional.

Producing many genres and styles over an 8 year period, Matthew has built a large catalog of music and found his signature sound. Constantly writing and recording new material he has a batch of works in the pipeline. Currently also playing bass in Mr. Chrisy Mertas, there is no genre out of the realm of Matthew.Gear’s abilities and you’ll never quite know what to expect next!